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ICVA is a global network of non-governmental organisations whose mission is to make humanitarian action more principled and effective...
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Established in 1962 by a small coalition of refugee and migration focused non-governmental organisations (NGOs), ICVA has grown into...
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Our strategy sets the direction of our work to achieve our mission of making humanitarian action more principled and effective...

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The vision of ICVA is a world in which crises-affected populations are effectively protected, assisted, and enabled to rebuild their lives and livelihoods with dignity.


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Read all resources, documents and more. Source within our website to find out the latest informations regarding the NGOs environment and the laws that regulates them.

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Latest updates

NGO statements
22 September, 2021
82nd meeting of UNHCR’s Standing Committee
Subject / Forced migration / UNHCR standing committee / Grand Bargain / UNHCR executive committee /

NGO statements delivered at the 82nd meeting of UNHCR’s Standing Committee 15-16 September 2021

ICVA statement
12 September, 2021
ICVA Statement at High-level Ministerial Meeting on the Humanitarian Situation in Afghanistan
Subject / Forced migration / Asia region /
Afghan statement

The Secretary-General of the United Nations, António Guterres, convened a high-level ministerial meeting on Monday September 13th 2021 to show solidarity with Afghanistan’s people and pledge tangible support. At this meeting our Executive Director, Ignacio Packer presented a statement.



Climate Change and Humanitarian Action Learning Stream
30 September, 2021
Climate Change and Humanitarian Action Learning Stream
Subject / Learning / Cross-cutting issues /

This learning stream provides a platform for the broader humanitarian community to better understand how we can reduce our impact of climate change by accelerating action and increasing environmental sustainability. The series focuses on practical ways of applying the Climate and Environment Charter for Humanitarian Organisations and sharing lessons learned on how the commitments can be translated into practice.

Topics covered in this webinar series include:

  • Maximising the environmental sustainability of our work
  • Adapting to the impacts of the climate and environmental crises
  • The Climate and Environment Charter for humanitarian organisations

Next Events

NGO side event
30 September, 2021
NGO side event Refugee protection: Share- not shift- responsibility
Subject / Forced migration /
E learning stream
1 October, 2021
Learning stream climate Topic 1: Adapting to the impacts of the climate and environment crises
Subject / Environment / Climate & environment /

We are already witnessing how climate and environmental crises disproportionately impact communities in vulnerable contexts and situations, and regardless of what we do, these impacts will not disappear overnight.

Commitments #1 of the Charter calls on us to “Step up our response to growing humanitarian needs and help people to adapt to impacts of the climate and environmental crises”. It focuses on how we use climate change adaptation (CCA) methods, disaster risk reduction (DDR) in our programming, anticipatory action to adapt our programs to better support and strengthen people’s resilience to current and future climate and environmental risks.

Many NGOs are already working to address climate change in and alongside vulnerable communities and to help organisations live up to their commitment, there are tools and resources available to guide NGOs in their work.


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